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Post  Scott on Mon Feb 25, 2008 10:48 pm

FYI for those who might be interested. Ill be performing in the Musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar' at King Street For the Arts in March and April. It's a pretty cool show. Performances are Mar. 29,30, Apr. 4,5,6 - at least those are the ones I'll be in. Smile During this time I'm going to try to rearrange sectionals for the youth orchestra so that I can still be there for you guys - at the very least, the March 30th one that is JUST sectionals. Perhaps we could do a morning rehearsal, have a 'wind lunch' and then you guys could come with on a road trip to see the show at 2p.m.? Just a thought. Might be a good bonding experience for everyone and a chance to see me flub around some funky rhythms. Wink Those who aren't in the KYO are certainly welcome to join us too! I'll be in touch about it.



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