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Post  Scott on Fri Feb 29, 2008 3:57 pm

Howdy folks. A couple things to mention. Check out what's new as I've thrown up a few things - the 'setup' page has some new info as well as the practicing/warmup/tonguing pages too. Robert Spring, a well known clarinet pedagog and performer, has some excellent info and there's a little you-tube blurb about him as well. (stay away from his vibrato imho though).

I'm also going to start an "Orchestral Audition' page for those interested. It will contain audtion practices, orchestral excerpts, how to prepare for auditions, as well as information about upcoming auditions on the Symphony circuit. I'm thinking of actually getting my excerpt chops back up so I can do some auditions again - regardless, it is an excellent way to keep sharp!

This should apply to all of you, on many fronts. If you're applying to University the usefulness is obvious, but during university there will be many opportunities and moments where you need to know this information. MOST, and yes, I mean most, students who begin their university career won't have this kind of knowledge so use it to your advantage! Understanding the way the 'clarinet-world' operates will give you an excellent base from which to excel!

--note-- I've moved the 'popular excerpt list' to this page, so it will no longer be under the studies link.

Anyhoo, keep your chins flat and your heads up!


P.S. Also, I don't expect you all to read my website back to front every day, but if you could just read my BLOg and skiff through the FORUMS that would be excellent. At least you'd get the pertinent info. Thanks!


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